Trio of Holiday Shim Trees


Add some natural rustic additions to your holiday decorating. These trees are the perfect DIY project and will spice up your home. The tools needed to make these trees are wood shims, brown construction paper, a traffic cone, and a hot glue gun.

Begin by taping the brown construction paper around the traffic cone. Glue on rows of wood shims all the way to the top. For the first row, glue the shims to the paper. For the remaining rows, as you build up, glue to the previous row of shims for a stronger firm hold. Once dry simply slide off the traffic cone and the project is done. For smaller trees, start higher up on the cone. For more inspiration and creative ideas go to

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  1. This woman is pure poetry presenting a simple and sweet idea. The creativity, the low cost and how has the construction of the tree is an invitation to dive into the adventure of making their own hands. In this next Christmas, I'll have new trees! Thanks Jeni!


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