TikTok makeup lovers are obsessed with UOMA Beauty’s


Makeup TikTok is currently obsessing over a viral new product: UOMA Beauty’s Trippin Smooth Powder.

The loose powder was introduced at the beginning of the month, and its “mess-free” packaging is already sparking a lot of joy.

The rotating jar allows you to twist the bottom to dispense powder into the center of the casing without making a mess everywhere, helping prevent accidental product waste.

Additionally, makeup lovers are raving about the powder itself, which the company says “reduces the appearance of pores for skin so smooth, you’ll think you’re TRIPPIN.”

Digital creator Gillian Grace talked about her love for the new powder in a recent beauty review, calling the jar the “mess-free dispenser of my dreams.”

Like many others have experienced with traditional loose powders, Grace said she usually gets product everywhere, before demonstrating her ability to dispense and use the UOMA powder with ease.

“Such a gorgeous soft matte finish,” she said. “It blurs the skin beautifully.”

The new Trippin Smooth Powder comes in four shades to adjust to a wide variety of skin tones, and features a super fine, weightless powder with reishi mushroom as the key ingredient. It also has finely milled microfine spheres to control oil and shine, to leave skin with a soft-focus look.

This vegan and cruelty-free powder incorporates emollioents to keep skin hydrated and smooth and can be used to do everything from minimize the look of fine lines to reducing the appearance of pores.

PHOTO: TikTok makeup lovers are obsessed with UOMA Beauty’s viral ‘mess-free’ loose powder (UOMA Beauty)

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If you’re just as impressed as the rest of us, you’re in luck. The UOMA Beauty Smooth Powder is available to shop right now at several retailers, and just below.

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