This Alligator Fatally Mauled Nancy Becker In Her Own Garden


On August 15, 2022, Nancy Becker was doing a bit of early-morning gardening. The 88-year-old woman was having a nice, slow morning, taking in the August sun while also taking care of her beloved plants. She was alone, working quietly. At 88 years old, Nancy was living in Sun City Hilton Head, an active adult community in South Carolina. These types of communities are perfect for elderly people. They get the perfect-sized houses for their needs, they get a space that requires them to do less maintenance, they enjoy convenient amenities that keep them active, and they get to be surrounded by people of similar ages and with similar interests. Sun City Hilton Head was perfect for Nancy – she had a respectable age, and the woman had survived both her husband, Don, and her beloved white poodle, Muffin.

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  1. I always tell people about situational awareness. That means: wherever you are, look around,watch where you're walking. and carry a gun. I had a gator in my chicken coop. We ate him for lunch.

  2. Why would you want to retire in a place that is surrounded by Apex predators???? Is not the same as Montana or Alberta, Canada, where they have Grizzlies. Which you might run into then from time to time but those gators literally live in your back yard.

  3. They can climb fences, a ranger showed me a pic of it, yellowed newspaper, going after newborn puppies, 3’ chain link.
    And they will stalk you, your pets, any animal for weeks.

  4. I’ll make this shorter. If you’re attacked by an alligator and pulled underwater, put your arm down its throat and push open the flap, that’s what keeps it from drowning while attacking if you’re not underwater, try to pull it, underwater and push the flap, it will instantly let you go, and it won’t attack you again. And hopefully there’s no other gators around so you can get out.

  5. DO NOT go swimming in any alligator zone even if it says it’s alligator free, did you not see that alligator climb over that 10 foot fence?!! That was an alligator free zone, so if it did that at night, dusk, dawn, no one would know, except for the first person that got attacked. Swim in your pools or go in your sprinklers. If you are attacked by an alligator and you are brought underwater, put your arm down its throat and open the flap. That is what keeps it from drowning. Or Pull the alligator under the water and push the flap. Water will rush in and it will instantly let you go, and hopefully there’s no other ones around because that one will not come after you again!

  6. I lived in Florida for 12 years and I lost two cats and that I can’t say were from alligators but I lived on a canal, what I can tell you is that there is an alligator in every single body of water in Florida. I don’t care if it’s a 10 foot circle of water, there’s an alligator in it. They come out to sunbathe and attack anything within 3 to 5 feet of the edge of the water if you stay away from that area, you will never have a problem with one. Now that’s unless one doesn’t go into your pool without you knowing. But the Florida gator population is being decimated again by the pythons, and the pythons will start moving north because of the weather just like alligators did. And the alligators will be decimated again. Then you will have 20 foot pythons roaming around in your bushes going into your homes and one of my nightmares, being in a tree that can come down 10 feet and grab you. If you get bit by an alligator, at least you can make a noise, constrictors get around you so fast you won’t even make a noise before you know what’s going on and in two seconds you won’t be able to make a noise because you won’t have air left that’s going to be the real problem!


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