Plan With Me: Your 2022 Garden Starts Here! πŸ₯¬πŸ“πŸ«πŸ’πŸ…πŸ₯‘πŸ₯¦πŸŒΆπŸŒ½πŸ₯•


The weather outside is frightful, but planning your garden is so delightful!
And since there’s no place to go, dream of what to grow, what to grow, what to grow!
Now is your chance to let your imagination run wild and create plans for that garden of Eden you’ve always wanted.

Ben walks us through his vegetable garden as he shares his hopes and dreams for the coming growing season. Our trusty online Garden Planner is now iPad compatible; Ben demonstrates how you can take it around the garden to visualise your plans and bring them into being! Time to get inspired!

For our video on growing soft fruit from cuttings, see:

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  1. Hi Ben, I have been gardening for many years and have thought a couple of times of using a garden planner. I have seen you demonstrate one a couple of times. What is it and does it run on an Android device?? Probably better on a tablet than to bring my laptop out…

    Thanks and thanks for all the great videos!


  2. Is there another name for pallet collars? I'm not able to find any near me (per Google search). I'm not sure if I should search for something else or if there's a particular type of business that usually has them that I should call. From where do you find yours?

  3. First year growing this year. My plans are to have three growing areas maybe even a forth as I am really liking the idea of having a wider variety of greens for salads as well as having onion, bell pepper and garlic from garden rather than the store.

  4. I can’t believe you’re growing/planning without snow already! We live in Vermont & we haven’t had access to anything live since November lol. We’ve got another few months before we can even consider planting or growing anything – so for now, I’ll just watch you!

  5. An interesting update to the planner would be the function of adding your average PIR levels at each box location, that way you know not to place your high light loving plants in boxes that are blocked or diffuse.

  6. As a young gardener my plan this year is to install a second greenhouse with the help of my brother and Dad. Last year I added a peach tree and nectarine and I found it done better than expected (we live in Scotland). So I would like a second greenhouse so I can grow my tomatoes/peppers etc and keep my original greenhouse for my fruit trees that need more warmth and space. I would also like to try peranial Kale in the garden and add more wildflowers πŸ™‚ πŸ˜ƒ

  7. I love the idea of companion plants and included marigolds around my tomatoes (as well as basil). The tomatoes were fine but unfortunately the marigolds were sacrificed to the bugs and never made it to mature plants. Any ideas what might have been chewing on them? I live in northern Virginia, USA.

  8. Hi, a very elementary issue help needed please. I agree with you that companion planting is a great idea but how do I plant nasturtiums, marigolds etc in a green house. I tend to use growbags for tomatoes so last year I planted marigolds in several 3" pots and put them on the top narrow shelf. The roots grew prolifically and the plants stopped flowering quite quickly. They seemed to take up a lot of water and almost needed the same attention as the tomatoes, aubergines, peppers and basil!
    I love your videos – they motivate me to get going. Thankyou

  9. I’m so excited to start my veg garden this year. I’ve already started several seeds indoors and many to start over the next several months here in So. Cal. I’m using all grow bags because of our rental home rules. I’m learning the grow veg garden planner and journal and think it will help as it is super easy to learn & use even for me a technical novice. Thank you for sharing everything that you are giving to all of us with your YouTube channel, book and planner/journal.
    You’re awesome!

  10. omg that bean arch is the best idea! im so going to be getting one of those for mine, i never thought of that! youve given so many great tips for gardening more than just my usual decorative vines and flowers, im really glad i found your channel!

  11. We are buying our dream farm this year!! I can’t wait to plan and plant a huge garden. We’ve been practicing with so many hardships and limitations and we’ve learned so much about successfully growing food in poor conditions, we are excited to finally get to practice our hard-earned skills in a more ideal environment. May God bless everyone’s 2022 gardens!

  12. Raised beds are really good for growing more hardy crops in the far north and I grow tender plants under cover. The Garden Planner is excellent for keeping track of what goes where from one year to the next and the videos are very helpful and informative. Thank you very much!

  13. Happy New Year from Tulsa: Ben truly enjoy your videos, best there are on the web! This will be my third year using the planner and this year I have been using it to redesign the layout of my garden. New planter beds, new compost and leaf mold bins and new fence to support my effort to grow espalier fruit trees. I used the planner to gauge the size and location of planters (pallet collars) as well as using the planner to help avoid putting plants into the same space as before. Next up putting together my starter plant work area and reviewing which plants can be started with seeds and which are better with seedlings. I always try something new each year in my garden and the Jerusalum artichokes look like a possibility for this year.


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