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Supertunia Vista® Jazzberry™ Petunia –
Supertunia® Priscilla –
Cake Pops Pink Verbena –
Cake Pops™ Purple Verbena –
Superbena Imperial Blue –
Coconut A-Peel® Thunbergia –
El Brighto Coleus –
Newly Noir™ Coleus –
Unplugged® Pink™ Salvia –
Boldly Coral Pelargonium –
Boldly Hot Pink Improved Pelargonium –
Boldly White Pelargonium –
Violet Knight Lobularia –
Laguna Cloud White Lobelia –
Laguna Sky Blue Lobelia –
Luscious® Citron™Lantana –
Safari Sky Jamesbritennia –
Safari Dawn Jamesbritennia –
Suncredible Saturn Helianthus –
Augusta Lavender Heliotropium –
Blue My Mind® XL Evolvulus –
Superbells® Double Twilight™ Calibrachoa –
Artist® Pearl Flossflower Ageratum –
Angelface® Cascade Snow –
Heart to Heart® ‘Bold ‘N Beautiful’ Caladium –
Heart to Heart® ‘Burning Heart’ Caladium –
Heart to Heart Clowning Around Caladium –
Heart to Heart® ‘Hot 2 Trot’ Caladium –
Heart to Heart Hot Flash Caladium –
Heart to Heart® ‘White Star’ –
Heart to Heart Xplosion Caladium –

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  1. Thanks for this! I can't wait for this coming summer. We will be buying a home in Tyler Texas, where I can finally make my mark in my own garden space. You gave me some great ideas for what to plant.

  2. How do you know what to put together? I'm trying to figure out what to do with the HUNDREDS of amaryllis and agapanthus I just dug out to clean out the tree roots and break apart the enormous clumps of agapanthus in my front yard. Both amaryllis and agapanthus bloomed profusely last spring/summer. I only had the two types of plants in the large flower bed but I know I need to add something else. I just don't know what… I love you and your show!

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  4. I'm so excited to see these videos as I'm getting ready to plant in our new house…zone 7 as opposed to our old house zone 9…I lost most of my plants in the move. Are any of these or the perennials succulent friendly?

  5. Hi Laura,
    I love to watch your videos in the winter time because they always get me excited for spring! I have never ordered plants online and I am adding a lot to my garden. I don't have a greenhouse and they are all full sun plants so I have been holding off on ordering . Could you please do a video about how and when you choose to begin ordering plants? I am worried that if they come too early they'll wilt inside, but if I order too late they won't be in stock. Thank you!

  6. I think the one plant per pot project really shows what a plant can do (especially if it is new) if it does not need to compete with many others in a pot, would be nice if you could continue on that too. 😊

  7. Where do you normally put geraniums? Shade or full sun? I have tried them on my porch for years and they don’t seem to do as well as other flowers. I love how you explain the flowers and their colors.

  8. Hi Laura
    You talked about planting one super vista and how the canopy was huge. I planted them at the edge of my garden bed last year. They were glorious.
    The canopy was huge and spilled out on my sidewalk and never burned. I had neighbors ask if they were fake flowers.
    Can’t wait to plant this year. Proven Winners is all I will use. Thank you for what you do!!!

  9. I work at a wholesale greenhouse and was able to trial the supertunia jazzberry and Priscilla, both cakepops, el brighto coleus, and laguna sky blue and white and they were all amazing! I even neglected them all pretty badly but you couldn’t even tell. Would definitely recommend all of them!

  10. Great information. Question, I've had lantana in 9b CA as a perennial for over 10 yrs. Would the luscious citron possible the same for 9b CA? or is your video based on your zone, specifically? Our summers do get into the 90s and low 100s.

  11. So glad to see a lavender colored plant from Augusta! I’m from the area and can contest that we definitely have hot and humid weather. Plants here don’t like large temperature fluctuations like high desert areas get though so I’m not sure how this one will work in your garden.
    I would trade zones any day though! The humidity is a beast and makes gardening in the summer absolutely miserable. It’s all I can do to go out and pick vegetables for 10 minutes a day.


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