Mina and Karen’s Multipurpose Mudroom Makeover | HGTV


Mina and Karen of HGTV’s Good Bones turn a teeny mudroom/laundry room into a functional space for a growing family. By adding multipurpose storage, a bench, a folding surface and a drying rack, they squeezed tons of handy features into minimal square footage.

Visit HGTV.com for more from Good Bones! In this series, mother and daughter duo Karen E Laine and Mina Starsiak revitalize their hometown of Indianapolis one property at a time: https://www.hgtv.com/shows/good-bones?soc=youtube

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Mina and Karen’s Multipurpose Mudroom Makeover | HGTV



  1. Hi, I'm a fan of your program here in Brazil. I love seeing what you get from houses that we wouldn't give anything for them. But what I like most is Karen's smile and spontaniedade, despite the problems and difficulties. I wish you very successful. A big hug from this friend here from Brazil. A respectful kiss on Karen.

  2. Hi! Love the wallpaper and am interested in who makes it, where to buy. I want to put it in my laundry room as well! I tried an internet search, but couldn't find that particular wallpaper. Thank you!

  3. I wish HGTV would spend a little more time discussing the energy efficiency aspects of their remodels.
    I like the decorating tips but energy efficiency makes a home comfortable and reduces utility bills.
    Air sealing, super insulation, triple pane windows, high efficiency furnace / AC. set back thermostats, LED lighting, energy efficient appliances, solar panels, battery storage and an electric vehicle charger in the garage are all parts of an energy efficient home being built or remodeled today. Saving energy saves money on monthly utility bills.
    It is good for the home owner and good for the planet.

  4. I hate the drying rack! It’s out of place. They needed more shoe racks. They put ‘chachkis’ all over the folding table that will have to be moved to make it usable….not their best room, and I love these two! I do love the wallpaper and I normally hate wallpaper.

  5. I'm sorry to say it, but that door into the kitchen is still going to stay closed to hide the black hulking washer/dryer stack. Unstacking them visually lengthens the small room and provides twice the counter laundry folding space. There is plenty of counter depth to build a foot deep cabinet storage over the counter along the entire wall as far up to the ceiling as needed. Retractable drying racks can be hidden in the higher runs of the cabinets. If space permits hang curtain fabric under the counter to hide the gaping eyes of the machines. On the other side of the room give the mud room bench a built in stylish reading nook feel with shoe and boot drawers underneath, tall slender side cabinets, and overhead open and closed shelving. Unify the nook mill working with the plain door to the garage by adding like panel molding. That panel millwork could even be extended over the folding counter to tie the whole small room together. Lastly, now the wide swinging door to the kitchen can be switched to a discreet in the wall sliding door that will showcase the unified mud/laundry room when left opened. Spend the money on the millwork not wallpaper but add the graphic punch with cheaper but bold curtain fabric under the counter.

  6. That's a lot of money for a Laundry/Mud room redo! I like the bench and closet space and the table to fold clothes. Wallpaper is cute, a bit bright for me, but they love it. The only thing besides the expense that I don't like are the pillows on the bench, they are unnecessary and seem to be more of a bother than anything else. They are in the way.


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