Life in a Cottage Garden with Carol Klein 2022🍀Series 1 – Spring


Plantswoman Carol Klein shares a year in her garden at Glebe Cottage in north Devon.
March and April is a time of huge change in the garden, as the remnants of winter make way for the hope of spring. Carol is busy clearing away the last of the winter detritus to make way for waves of planting. There’s pruning to be done, and she sows the first seeds of the year. Snowdrops are replaced by celandines and violets, and along the lanes and hedgerows, primroses abound.
A local hedge pruner, who has come to cloud prune Carol’s box hedge, finds his work interrupted as the lengthening days of April bring a nesting hedge sparrow to the garden.



  1. Absolutely the most beautiful gardens I have seen !♥️♥️♥️
    I only wish mine looked this beautiful.. I work so hard with little money .. everyone tells me it’s beautiful, but I think it could be much better & fuller .. I have been dividing plants that I have .. I ordered 8 hydrangeas for this year .. should be here next week 🙏🏻
    I would like my whole yard (2 acres ) to be nothing but trees , shrubs, flowers !!
    It would be heavenly !! But I will work on it as long & as much as I can . I do have health problems, so it keeps me down a lot .. and my hands don’t work well , had surgery on one of them .. it’s doing a little better . Thank you for sharing your beautiful gardens.. and the cute pups are sweet to watch ! ♥️♥️

  2. Nice and big cottage garden.Will be a jewel in summer. One small sugestion: Avoid backpain…Use carts for heavy pots, Longer handles not to bend to much, eye protection. gloves…I enjoy so much your teachings , thak you for sharing.

  3. To tell that I am charmed is to tell nothing. I'm absolutely crazy about programs like this! I can watch and watch them again and again. They make me feel inspired and happy about being able to live on our planet. Creating gardens and making this world much more beautiful is a great occupation. What can be better? Thank you a lot!!!

  4. 2022? Ummm If you were confused…this show came on like in 2005. I'll never understand why you people upload old shows but put 2021 or 2022 on it lol. Like, we know what year, presently, it is… You make it look as if it's a new episode; it's clearly not.

  5. I loved this, the quintessential English garden. With so many many beautiful flowers, bulbs & deciduous trees I haven't seen before. I also love May, as it is autumn here in Australia. No more temperatures over 40c & hot east winds, just nice in the low 20's, good for gardening.

  6. Gardeners are truly their own breed, and Carol is a fantastic example. I love her work boots and ratty old leather jacket. I've recycled many of my husbands old shirts to wear in the garden. Cut off old socks make great 'wrist gaiters' to prevent sunburn, bug bites, and scratches on the skin between the glove and the shirt. Work boots save my ankles. Here in S. California I'm often out til 9pm in May, when my husband comes out to find me. It's hot here, so summer gardening often starts at 4pm, and goes until long after dark. 🙂

  7. I love the passion Carol has for wildlife! I feel sad for everyone of us who love the outdoors and nature as it’s being ruined so much, our summers are very short but against all the odds we fight and come out of it with our satisfying end results ! One day we will have blue skies and sun over more months of the year so we can enjoy the great outdoors a lot more! 🙏🏼💕

  8. As an Ontarian in Canada, I'm quite curious about the accent. If I try to mimic, I jam my tongue to the back of the mouth and shut down the nasal passages. I found getting enough air challenging and it gave me a tongue cramp lol. So I'm not quite sure how they manage it.

  9. What a lovely woman. I wonder, if I were to wander down her lane, would she let me walk around her garden while she tells the story of when she planted a certain plant and why?
    Perhaps even offer a cup of tea to me. I can dream, right?
    It is February, 2022 when I write this. I am wondering if this is a new series or one I have missed.
    Peace be with all that are reading this.
    Best Wishes From,
    The Great Lake State of Michigan🐢


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