How Do I Install a Window A/C Unit? | DIY Basics


Getting beat by incessant heat? A window A/C unit is an inexpensive way to cool down your space, and installation is…wait for it…a breeze.

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  1. If I place the bottom rail outside the sill or frame, the AC will leak water inside my house. The AC leans forward too much. If I place the bottom rail inside the house, the AC isn't square in the window having huge gaps around the bottom and lower sides. The AC leans backwards too much. If I place the bottom rail on the sill or frame, it will slip, either inside the sill or outside the sill and fall out of the window to either side. The sill is high enough that if the AC slips forward or backwards the top rail is too high to hold it in the window. The bottom rail is too wide to fit into the sill.

    Is there a solution to this problem?

  2. My window ac hangs over my balcony, and the constant dripping from condensation is a problem. Do you have aesthetically pleasing and low maintenance ideas on how to draw the water away? Currently catching the water in a giant ugly rubber mad tub and emptying it once a day.

  3. So… what to do if there is bushes outside the window? Should there be room for airflow or is it okay to stick it next to the bush? And what do to if the window is horizontal sliding? Will there be a part 2?


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