Helping My Mom Plant a Butterfly Garden! 🦋🙌💚// Garden Answer


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  1. Laura, I would love to know source of the butterfly topiaries. Love them. Love the butterfly garden. Your mom’s garden always inspires me. Thanks for your videos and all the inspiration and knowledge you bring to my garden

  2. I love videos with your mom. I love those butterfly topiaries!! Are they winter hardy? When you said you weee planting butterfly topiaries I had butterfly bushes in my head. LOL! What I fun space this is!!

  3. I always love seeing you and your Mama together. Such a beautiful area. I have never seen anything like those butterflies. You two are truly amazing! Thanks for introducing me to do many new and beautiful thing's!💛

  4. Such fun times and GREAT memories. Benjamin was such a great little helper. What was the name of that plant that Mom said she cuts back after it gets about 4 feet tall, beautiful green.

  5. Beautiful! I need the butterflys in my garden now! Any ideas where to purchase? I also have two large 3 ft wide and 4 ft tall containers to plant in from of my home. I purchased 4 yellow and orange with splashes of red cannas to put in them and I was thinking of placing spiderwort (tradescantia) around the bottom, any suggested colours and flowers to put with them? I have them in full sun location and I'm in zone 5. Thanks in advance.

  6. I wander if you could help me. I want to put some flowers or ground cover with my potted blueberry bushes. can you suggest something that would do well with them but not disturb them too much

  7. Are you top dressing with Miracle Grow? That’s something we don’t usually see in your videos lol. I always had such good luck with Miracle Grow products, how do you feel about them?

  8. I can’t wait to see this flower bed grow and develop – what a wonderful plan. I echo everyone else when I say how much I enjoy the videos with your Mum, the fun, creative adventures you have together are uplifting to watch.

  9. Great beautiful job those butterfly trees are awesome. Thanks for sharing your lives with me. Love your mama I miss my mom so much she is watching over me everyday forever in my heart. Your sweet benjamin so cute I have 3 sons all grown up they are our life we are truly blessed plus have four beautiful grandchildren I was blessed with . Take care keep up the great work


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