Abundant Harvest from an Organic No-Till Garden

There is no time like harvest time!

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  1. I planted 5 Japanese eggplants in a double 5 gallons buvket complete with PVC pipe for the reservoirs. I harvested 5 x times year! I love my Japanese eggplants!! I am a Filipina, and I also harvest all the pepper leaves and bitter gourd leaves to be used for soups. Nothing gets wasted.

  2. I have a big pear tree, but no peach. I’ve got two 30 ft. rows of strawberries. My turnips, & sweet potatoes are ready to be dug up. Peppers are still doing great too. Picked all the cantaloupes. Only had 2 cucumber plants survive, though. Squash & zucchini have all gone.

  3. I like seeing the different varieties you grow. I tried 9 different kinds of peppers this year. I planted 33 tomato plants. My okra & eggplants are still producing & blooming in Set. here in middle TN. Great video! πŸ’•TuckπŸ’•

  4. James am inspired am looking to downsize because of the current unemployment issue in my country South Africa. I just have one question,can one grow vegetables AYR? Complete reliance on an organic garden for fresh produce

  5. I've been binge watching your videos for days! They are excellent and I enjoy your positive attitude and enthusiasm. You have taught so much, and I'm glad to have found someone that practices the Paul Gautschi method here in NJ, the same state that I live in.

  6. just seeing all those pretty colors is inspiring i cannot wait to get back@it this spring! not sure how i missed this video, but now i am kind of glad i did helping me shake off cold weather blues!Again holy cucumbers you inspired me to challenge myself, I will never buy another cucumber in summer , oi certainly don't buy tomatoes, but hadn't gotten diligent @cukes. i will now!

  7. Wow! How I wish one day I could visit your place…and see you gardening/harvesting with your cute dog…πŸ˜πŸ•

    Thank you for the joy. 😊

    πŸ’–from Philippines

  8. Nice that you let the music play a little in this video. Some of your other videos with the Jack Johnson tease actually made me leave early to click over to Jack's chnnel. I did find myself coming back to finish yours after though.


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